When putting together my distribution board, I stupidly swapped the +5v (top right) and the +12v (top left) in the molex wire terminals. When I fired it up, the board "worked." My Make Noise modules were fine, but the Στοιχεῖα (Rebel Technology Euclidean Sequencer) stopped affecting CV. The center top LED still lights, but the lower two shutter on and off, if they light at all, and the euclidean sequence does not occur. The knobs have zero effect. So, I think the Atmega 168 chip has been damaged. It has an intake limit of +6v, so if it was fed +12v, then, "Houston, we have a problem." Am I on the right track here? Or is there something else these symptoms suggests? I could just swap out the chip, right? The Make Noise modules are protected. I have rewired my board and now all is well, but I really like the Rebel module, so I hope to revive it.

Thanks for any advice.

Turns out I was correct, the module is protected from reverse voltage but not over-voltage. I'll buy a new chip.

I had this happen to mine. You can push the code to a new Atmel chip but it may require you update/recompile sketches from the code on GitHub

Thanks, that is the new task before me, learning how to push a code onto the chip. I'm going to YouTube school to learn, but if you have any suggestions to learn, big thanks.