Hi Folks,

i have a HUGE problem! i cannot come up with a solution for my setup, i can sequence my 4 VCOs / sound sources, can modulate and filter them but how do i mix them? it would be nice to have a mixer with switches to turn on/off a channel instantly and with voltage control over gain per channel. and i am thinking about switching clouds for a ''normal'' reverb module... the clouds is a little bit hard to tame it seems to get out of control really fast (parasites installed)

can you help me?
greetings Dennis

I use a make noise rxmx for mixing, it has a control voltage input to switch between channels but it seems you dont have enough HP for it. Studio electronics levels is a decent 6 channel mixer for the price but no CV, but its cheap. AniModule M1xXOR is a switching mixer which might do the job for you.

Is this the current incarnation? I noticed three examples under this name. I'm a noobie so can't give technical answers, but you mentioned a mixer with switches. The Synthrotek MST 4-Channel Audio / CV Mixer has an On/Off switch for each channel. it's only 8hp so still leaves 11hp for a Quad VCA or other toys. Good luck with the build. Keep Patching.

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Would something like the WMD Triple Bipolar VCA help? https://www.modulargrid.net/e/wmd-triple-bipolar-vca There are no kill switches, but you could CV the VCA to a Maths (or another utility) to control with the rise and fall.

hey guys, thank you very much for the suggestions. i got my hands on a mutable instruments veils. it will take place as mixer for the voices. the ornament and crime will work as my ADSR module. and i came to the conclusion to just change my workflow (if using without octatrack) to not ''switch'' the voices on and off.
Now im just wondering if i could make room for an Intellijel shapeshifter or should i make an extra case..... :-/

has anyone of you a case just with VCOs and a separate case for filters / effects? would that be a logical (playable) approach?

Hey, good to hear you are moving along with this, I haven't got any racks yet, but if you were looking down that route, I would think a couple of twin racks with a mix of VCO and Filters in each, that way each can be used as a stand alone for smaller scenarios, but doubled up for the full orchestra so to speak. The answer I think will always be get more space, down the line more modules will appear as money allows, build one 2 x 104 to start, then build another and stack stack stack.

There is a music shaped hole in my soul that needs patching up...