Hello, i´ve got two mother32 which i plan to put on the rack. My intention is to have a basic synth with effects and random posibilities. Also sampling capability. In this way have a compact all in one synth for performing and traveling purposes. I don´t know if the mixer is the best option and also have doubts on how the sound comes out from the rack. I´m in Colombia so possibilities of seeing demostrations is difficult as getting hands on. Please help me in my rack.

Best regards!

How the sound comes out of the rack shouldn't really be an issue - you can just plug the output of whichever module is last in your chain (in your case, probably the mixer) into whatever you're using - a PA system if you're doing a live performance, PC-style speaks for noodling around at home, etc. The modular's native level is a fair bit hotter than what people call "line" level, so you may have to turn down the volume a bit, but it normally works well. Buying a module specifically for "output" is seldom necessary.
I wouldn't buy two Mother-32s for a new rack - I'd rather have more variety - but if you already own them, okay.

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