I am presently developing the RIT M Rhythm Sequencer module ( by SDS Digital here on MG) and have reached an impasse and need some suggestions to help decide which way to go.
The RIT M is in part also a CV recorder that takes a CV + a CV offset knob and outputs it during record or playback. There is a beat quantizer option that can be turned on/off, but also I'm considering a 1V/Octave quantizer option for the CV.
There's three ways to do this, having the offset knob quantized so it steps in semitones, or having the the CV quantized and using the CV offset knob to move between semitones, and lastly quantize everything so only 1V/octave emerges when this option is turned on.
It's a real can of worms which is why I'm pivotal on it. Any thoughts anyone?

Sounds like a cool module that is right up my alley. Could you simply revise the first option and go with the third, while incorporating the off-set knob from the second option? That is, when turned on, quantizing all notes, but with an off-set knob to deviate after full quantization has taken place? It seems like it would have better applications for live performance this way. Either way, I would love to see some video of the module.

Thank you for your input!
So the knob would still be an offset that is not quantized, but all quantized notes would still be semitones with respect to each other. That's well worth considering as the offset can be full range, or just 1V (another option limits the knob's deviation) so would be easy to handle.
I had thought of a different action for the knob when there is no CV input patched in. The knob (while quantizing option is on) becomes quantized to be useful (like a glissando) but now not so sure ;)

Exactly, you explained it better than me, like a glissando. Fine movement between the set notes. That's what I imagined.

This has worked out well!
If the button (double-click) is assigned to the CV quantizer, it'll step through none, chromatic, major scale, minor7 scale. If there's no CV input, the scales can be played with the knob. The maj & min scales use the CV knobs position at start of record as an offset for the scale (tranposition) so it can be easily played in any key right away!
If a CV input is applied, then the Knob acts as a smooth offset for the CV so can tune any VCO/key offset. I find it easiest to patch in a dead signal, tune the knob, then patch over to the CV source and it all quantizes perfectly

Thanks again for your insight! It made the RIT_M a winner ;)

Can't wait to give it a look.