Hello All,

Taking my first journey into modular. Wanted some thoughts on if I have all bases covered with this small starter system.

I figure with the 2hp modules I have a ton of functions covered. Just wanted to know if this is overkill or if I am missing anything. Honestly, any thoughts on this system would be great!

I’m looking to integrate this for a live house/techno act I am putting together.

I’m currently running the below gear:

Elektron Octatrack
Beatstep Pro
Dreadbox Fx Hades
Make Noise 0coast
Volca beats
Volca Sample
Volca Keys
12 channel behringer mixer

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

i would 1) start with an bigger rack than you think you'll need because experience will lead to expansion ;)
and 2) add more vca's ;P

its in general a good idea to start as small as possible modulewise and let then the rack guide your way to the next modules one at a time.