I want to travel with my M32 3x rack.
Anyone heard of a suitable case?
Thank you.

Hi Fred, apologies for the late reply. I have an M-32 tri rack as well and also need cart it around a bit. I had a custom road case built for me by Bruce Papa in New York. It is really burly, a proper road case, and I suggest you go that route if you’re serious about protecting your investment. There are other makers (just Google), but Bruce has proven to be reliable, personable, and professional all the way. Moog sells a gig bag for one Mother, but it’s a soft case and they don’t offer anything for a racked system ... just yet, though I don’t suspect they can compete with a dedicated road case maker. Best of luck!

Bruce Papa
Road Cases

Thanks, it looks like we're in the same county, so I'll definitely inquire.

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