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This is where I'm at right now as far as planning my rack. I already have the SV-1 and Elements and am getting the clouds next week, and then the 4ms quad lfo and then the veils after. I have 10hp free and I'm wondering what I might be missing? I've been told you can never have enough VCAs and modulation sources but I figure this system is small enough for the VCAs I already have so what could I do for modulation? OR what other utilities would I find useful using in conjunction with the other modules. I'm decently set on what I have planned so far but am also open to other suggestions.

I'm looking to do a mix of natural sounding / vintage synth sounds like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Animal Collective and I love granular synthesis hence the clouds. I also want to use the system to process external audio so anything that can help with that is a plus. Hope that can give you an idea for what I might be looking for.

Any suggestions are very appreciated! :)

get some filters and a preamp to run ext. audio up to modular level