Previously: Independent box w/ Meadowphysics, Teletype, Peaks, STO, STO, Lxd, Cold Mac, Discrete SVVCF, LoFi Junkie, DLD.
Currently: Control skiff for 6U w/ Switch, Meadowphysics, Teletype, White Whale, Earthsea, Ansible, Ornament & Crime, Just Friends, ER-301.

Old notes for independent design

Love the idea, main thing I might change is trying to use Cold Mac to swap with the O'Tool+ or Samara to swap with the LoFi Junkie and rearrange a little for more CV manipulation. Between Peaks and Teletype I think I can get by on modulation.
Especially if I pair with Doze in the Branches or Bloom in the Depths.

I do wish I could get Earthsea in here though. And the Mangroves, Sisters, Cold Mac travel case is immensely tempting.
But realistically, dual STOs, Lxd, and a Cold Mac is probably the way to go. Pam's new workout is same size but meadowphysics is already our clock and I feel like there'd be some awkwardness there.

It's also sort of tempting to get the ER-301 in the "Techno" case/Bloom in the Depths by swapping out E350 + Braids but not convinced there are sufficient modulation sources if we do that and there's no need for Braids/E350 in Doze in the Branches.