So I am really a Bass player at heart but since moving to a new area and leaving playing in bands for a while I have found myself addicted to watching various Modular/synth vids tuning into Sonicstalk etc generally wanting to try/setup my own electronic performance/ Gig type rig.
I have jumped in at the deep end with a couple of bits but could do with some advice on where to go next.
Firstly I purchased a Synthstrom Audio Deluge which I'm currently trying to learn how to use (new to sampling also) but I saw it as a good control centre for the setup or some of it.
Next I have ordered a case 84HP x2 with a Doepfer A100 power supply and have won a couple of pitsburg modules as a start point and also won a couple of modules a Pittsburg Waveforms and Mixmult.
I'm open to many styles of music but my aim is to eventually perform with it as a standalone rig and currently love big expansive soundscapes and complex beats.

Any help would be great thanks.

Joe (TheDirtyLow)

hey joe welcome to modular. you're gonna need a bigger box!

seriously though, you will fill that space and want to expand.

i started in modular, last year, and you start by going through the modules listings in modular grid, reading about the different devices and watching alot of videos that are posted with them. you start to see the potential and make judgement calls based on instinct, trust your instinct. for complex beats you want triggers and for expansive soundscapes you want rich vco's and effects/signal processing. good luck and happy travels amigo

Thanks for the reply/tips.
I think I'm going to focus on the VCO/effects side of things to start with as I can use the Deluge for sequences and beats at the start then as I get further down the line I can decide to expand.
Plenty of research to do in the meantime which is exciting!