I added some "pedals" that are just images of plug/connector bodies so that I can more easily see if things will fit with actual use. It works pretty well with the system as-is, here's my initial test:

I added a straight round metal plug, a right angle round metal plug, a right angle flat metal plug, and a simple straight coupler.

I've had several thoughts about it since I tried it though:
* should some special parameter(s) or a category for "plugs' be created?
* There are MANY different sizes and shapes of plugs out there, lots of work to add them for little benefit?
* Maybe just a series of generic black or chrome rectangles that are the approximate size of plugs could be used?
* To get the images of plugs to look correct certain ones need many versions, right-angle plugs in particular! Even with the handy rotate feature it still puts the body pointing a direction that might not make sense. So to do it so all scenarios are covered a right angle plug needs a right-hand version, a left-hand version, and a top-down version for when the body is pointed down through certain pedal boards that have open slots (like PedalTrain etc). I suppose if the rotate feature had additional angles like flip/mirror and top-down etc but it probably isn't worth the programming effort since I can't see that of being any use for actual pedals?
* due to their small size these plug-pedals are hard to position because the info, rotate and trash icons often cover the entire image. I didn't have a problem dragging them by the Info icon but not being able to see exactly where I was putting the plug required many re-position "guesses" and became tedious. Not sure of the value but either a button to turn off the icons or maybe just make them 1/2 or 1/4 translucent when dragging?
* I was going to add DC power and MIDI connectors but I had already spent too much time on this! ;-)