An idea I'm tinkering around with, trying to concoct a very large-scale albeit semi-portable system. Cabs are ADDAC powered Monster cases: 901M 21U with a 901MS2 dual 19" rack header (2x 2U) populated with some framework for tiles, mainly to augment the oscillators. Bottom row is a separate 901M 3U 197hp skiff, pretty much entirely devoted to control surfaces/devices, including the output mixer stage.

Case dimensions aren't too godawful - the initial 901M 21U comes out to more or less 41" w x 33.5" h x 18" d, and onto this add another 3.5" for the rack extension on top. Not counting the 197hp skiff (skiff?) as it's not attached to the huge clunky cab. Not an 'I'm gonna pull the trigger on this'n'-type setup, but more of a slow evolver toward an eventual end-configuration (provided I don't suddenly decide 'fukkit' and start off on some other direction). Also have to get settled on the tile housing/power on top, as there's quite a few possible directions for power configs and closing up the backside in some manner.

Astute users who've read my long-ago prior post on design will note that, yep, this follows that 'up-left/down-right/source-top/control-bottom' canon. Definitely works. The only place this gets a bit subverted is in the tiles, although like I note above, much of that is intended as augmentation for the oscillators/sources, so it actually does fit, after a fashion.

Have to admit, I do like these ADDAC cab designs. Yeah, the odd-hp-count widths are a bit annoying, but what they're cooking up looks sturdy, has ample DC (10A on the +/- 12V rails! in the big cab), and even with the shipping is still not all too horrible as far as price goes. In fact, the cabs (minus the tile hardware/power; need to sort that cost later) would run about $2800 powered and shipped to the USA, which beats the Doepfer 168hp 'dual Monster' setup at around $3k and also allows the 4 x 84 hp tile arrangement which the Doepfers aren't capable of. Plus, the ergonomics look right - they even have handle cutouts on the sides of the big honker.

Looks interesting, I think. Now, let's see how long it takes before I get majorly distracted by some other probably-expensive idea.