Recording of my piece called "Creature" Part II for MakeNoise Records, which was recorded with this system using only the MakeNoise modules.

Link to one of my first recordings with this new system here on vimeo:


Additional videos of performances with this 12U case:

Hi Richard, it's nice to put a face to all those tasty patches I've collected with my soft synths! Thanks and Kudos! Dig the performances!

When in doubt, add a patch cable.

Sonic State does a feature on this particular setup:

I'm curious about the mixing output part. Is the mix, pan done outside the 12U ?


Curious, .... of your lack of standard envelope generators, attack/decay, adsr's and the like, in your live rig..: for creating those tight percussion sounds. i'm not asking for trade secrets.
do you simply use lfo/AM/FM for your voices' vca control ?
anywho. hoping you get booked in portland some time :)

@sunfalls I am using three MI Braids that have the new built in VCA mode/AD setting 1.8, plus I use the Makenoise Optomix for creating pluck like percussion sounds. I just recently took out one of the MN Optomixes and replaced them with 3 of the new SSF/WMD MMF filters that have a ping input, which sort of emulates a low pass gate, which also works great for percussive type sounds.

cool.. thanks for that bit of info :)

Big fan of your work Mr. D!
Just for yuks - I did a horizontal version of your live setup
ModularGrid Rack

@RLK, thanks that is awesome

Here is a recent live modular show recorded with this 12U eurorack setup, at the Mutek Festival. Enjoy!

Oh my god, hearing this beast in action is giving me such a hardon! runs off to a corner to go synthsturbate

Now with more dollars and less sense!

Updated the rig now includes the bottom 3U sequencing Skiff, also missing is the Nord Drum 2, and Eventide H9 but that is pretty much it :-)

Nice update! If you have some thoughts on integrating the Morpheus filter into your setup or perhaps even a video of it in action I'd love to see and hear it. Other then that, thanks for all the patches!

Any recent recordings with this? I'm interested to hear how things changed since the rainmaker was added

Does the sequencing skiff get more hands on modulation and knobtwisting? More live interaction with that skiff?

got rid of the circadian? mainly because in same space you can have both trigger and cv with the eloquencer?

Here's a recent rundown of the live rig at Superbooth. There are some differences, but this gives you a good idea of how he's using it live.


I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one very interested in looking what you are doing these days with the Flux sequencer