Hello all. I'm just getting into modular and am looking for some feedback on which modules other users would recommend me getting next. I enjoy making ambient styled music with some sequences, drones and textures; classic type stuff. My current modules include a Pittsburgh Modular SV-1, a Roland 500 Series system, a Roland Torcido, a Synthesis Technology E340 Cloud Generator and a WMD Multi-Mode Filter. I'm currently using an Alturia Beatstep Pro for sequencing but also have a Squarp Pyramid which I'm working on learning. My beats come from a DSI Tempest. I'm looking at getting a Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-360 9U case so I can "grow into it."

I'm drawn towards Maths, Erbe-Verb, Ornament & Crime, MI Clouds and Elements and 4ms stuff. Any suggestions or insights are greatly appreciated!