How do you like the Rubicon?

I don't quite have it yet. I'm waiting on 2 brand new Intellijel modules (Dr Octatrue II and Dual ADSR)  to be delivered to Analogue Haven so I can drive to Santa Monica and pick up all of these modules at once. I should have everything up and running within 2 weeks and I'll be sure to report back on the Rubicon. :-)

I really like the linear pots on the Dual ADSR module because they give the eye a graphic representation of the generated envelope, unlike rotary pots which require closer examination. The module's single downfall is its 14HP width, but for people like me with poor eyesight, this new offering by Intelligel is a "must buy".

What case/cabinet will you be using?

Hey Togodumnus, I'm using a dual 48hp case from Pittsburgh Modular. The only down side to the case I have is that it does not support +5v but for my first system it's not a big concern. 

That's a tiny modular system, Upright. I predict that it will not be long before you'll be upgrading to a larger cabinet and adding some more modules. I see that you're already looking at the Moskwa sequencer on your other rack here at Modular Grid.

I can't wait until the new year when I should have enough dosh for my first modular - probably all Doepfer. In the meantime, I'm gonna have to be satisfied with a Doepfer Dark-Energy/Dark-Time combo but all of the modular vendors here in the UK are on holiday until the end of August, so I'm gonna have to wait even for these semi-modular goodies.

@Togodumnus You're right....I'm actually trying to decide if I'm going to ditch this system all together, return the 2 Cell 48 cases that I have and start building the Monorocket case instead. I don't have any modules yet so making the move to go with a larger case would be easy to do at this point. I'll know for sure by Tuesday.

You don't need to fill your modular cabinet(s) in one fell swoop (as Shakespeare would have it). I've just ordered my Dark Energy/Time bundle along with an empty A-100 LCB low-cost base cabinet (2x84HP) which I'll be stuffing full of modules over the next few months. This initial setup will be expanded by the addition of an A-100 LC9 (or LC6) at some future date, hopefully resulting in a pretty decent 5x84HP (or 4x84HP) Eurorack system by the middle of next year. The first batch of Doepfer gear should be arriving this Wednesday (4th Sept) with the first row of modules (all Doepfer) planned for the beginning of October.

What have you decided in the end?

@Togodumnus I have actually returned the Cell 48 cases and I'm now going with a Monorocket M6104 which I have already. I'm still waiting for AH to get 2 new modules from Intellijel (Dual ADSR and Dr. Octature II) once AH have the modules I'll drive down and pick them up. I've also decided to go with a 1965 Moskwa sequencer from XAOC Devices. You can have a look at my new system here ModularGrid Rack