Currently planning this mobile unit. I want flexible sequencing of vco's and the ability to send cv/note to Ableton Live 9. 

still mucking about in the planner. i already have the kilpatrick k4815+kmidi, maths, uzeus.

planning on getting a monorocket mx104, so i can expand over time.

picked up and slightly filled up the monorocket mx104 today. thus far. the wiggling is sweet. 

shapeshifter on its way. picked up a PEG. really getting excited for this journey

first 6u of mobileControl 12u case just about done.

picking up korgasmatron II today, and still waiting on Shapeshifter to arrive.

Yo Sunfalls! You need to shift each module in your rack 1HU to the left - you appear to have "gone off the rails."

shapeshifter has arrived!  1st 6u system is complete!!!! 

now to dig in deep! thanks for the inspiration everyone. 

added Quad Clock Distributor and Optomix recenty. case is developing nicely.

Recently: switched out the Rubicon for a Piston Honda MKII. 

and added a 4ms SCM.

ReArranged whole case as is seen in this grid update.

addes SCMBO, LP1Lightplane, Short Bus v2 ! absolutely loving it! 

Just finished a module trade with fellow wiggler. Swapped out my "haven't touched it in a while" Optomix for a MFB Drum 04! 

swapped out shapeshifter for a Braids. super happy! instantaneous awesome.

added a second braids. this is going to be aweseome.. !
now i just need to get the ergonomics worked out.

added a pressure points / brains combo. case is getting a more ergonomic touch based skiff :)

For those inclined, heres some modular videos of studio session outtakes, enjoy

Current live set up. Added TipTop Audio Z4000 VC EG to the case. Stunning tight envelopes :)
1st lil run with it...

One of the 1st few sessions exploring the MakeNoise Wogglebug and Tiptop Audio Z4000 Envenlope Generator (amazing). Here... a single Braids is the sound source.
the Stepped Out of the wogglebug into 1/v of Braids, whilst sending the Random Gate Burst to Rene, and Renes CV out to FM of same Braids in Meta Mode..,
with the Random Gate Burst also multed to tiptop z4000 gate in, which is the final cv to Linix.
heres a lil viddy of the result.
this lil patch has definitely opened my "control" of the woggle a bit more:

Traded my SCM+BO for a pair of Z4000 VC EG's. Really excited about having a dedicated & marvelous ADSR for each of my main voices in this case. Now.... just where to arrange things. again. Got the 2nd Pressure Points this morning! :) now we're cooking..

Added 2nd MakeNoise Rene today. spent 3hrs rearranging the skiff portion of the mx104 to get it just right. i ended up stacking the pressure points. really looking forward to rene-cross-cv-modulation of the x and y function pages. things are evolving:

studio shot

Added Makenoise Mysteron yesterday! super inspired by this module :)
Heres a lil' blip of the 1st random patch with it. vintage radio as hi hat source. braids as kick. all other sounds mysteron.

Jumped into space with the addition of a Jupiter Storm cosmic noise oscillator :)

Bloody nice timeline!
Slow and steady...

Are you still integrating with Ableton?
If so, thru which module?

Bloody nice timeline!
Slow and steady...

Are you still integrating with Ableton?
If so, thru which module?
-- mt3

Thanks a bunch :)

I'm still sending Rene's sequence to ableton via the Doepfer A-192-2 CVtoMidi module

Added MakeNoise Echophon yesterday ! Finally have an fx module in there. vundebar :)

Moments when Rene meets NI Battery:

Dual Rene's in effect

Our modular duo live set from 11-8-14 Volt Divers, pdx, OR:
w/jeph nor of Form of the Destructor on 9u wall of sound/noise/ambience/bass/springverb &
myself (aka SunFalls) on 12u glitched out modular beats, enjoy:

Added Hex Inverter Mutant Bass Drum :) & TTA 909 Hats... good times.

Added SSF Propagate to the case today :) what a fantastic module! livened everything up! especially Rene.

Added TTA MixZ mainly for fx routing within the case so outboard mixing is streamlined. Things are shaping up nicely. Been a year now.

Initial session after installing SSF Propagate, enjoy the sounds:

& some echophon meanderings :

Picking up a Basimilus Iteritas today from the muffwiggler store. Drum modules abound!!

WMD SSM and Basimilus Iteritus installed today. Lots to wrap the head around here.

Mutant BDrum installed. Noise session ensued with the intent of "getting to know the rig".. :)

Added Malekko Richter OSC II today. Love this raw analog power :)

Experiencing voltage disturbances. Help with module arrangement/power consumption based on my data sheet please..?
This is my actual physical rig. Am I distributing my modules properly ?

Picked up MI Ripples today. Such a lovely filter :)

Traded for an MI Grids today. I think that will bring some lovely tight topographic xY percussion sequencing to the rig. and free up Rene's gates for other duties!
Very happy with the top row at the moment.

Galilean Moons on its way from another awesome trade. Love this community :) really excited for 2015. now that i have the center to fill.. and be done

Thinking of adding the Mutamix. Shifting things around for the new year!

Added SynthTech e355 Morphing Dual LFO yesterday. This module is stunning! Glad it was my first lfo proper. !!

Added Expanded Turing Machine. Beautiful piece of gear. Really a treat for the rig. Also, traded out for an RCD for tripping those clocks. :)

Erbe-Verb is on its way :) Very excited to have such a rich source of extensive modulation inside reverb.

Erbe-Verb Take 1 - amazing module!
Mutable Instruments Braids & Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas are running thru the Erbe-Verb, being modulated by alot of things.
Kick is Hex Inverter Mutant Bass Drum (dry)

Ordered Circadian Rhythms ! Cant wait to get that clock moving! Some major module switching going on....

ohh darn case ergonomics. i'm very "bauhaus" when it comes to flow. but damned if it isn't sometimes difficult to arrange things.

Modular + Brainwash -realtime visuals

Added Disting & STO this week. 12u almost full:

Been spring swapping. Addes MI Streams, Moddemix, BL Asteroid BD v4.