AntiMatter Audio BrainSeed !!!! :) added.

Live recording of my set at Volt Divers 4.11.15:

LIve set recorded at Volt Divers 4.11.15 - all modular:

'things that dark', studio excerpt:

Modular + Cello, been working on adding my cello into the mix, to be processed by, well, everything. Here i'm just working on getting the cello to a proper eurorack level, in this session outtake:

"things that dark" - work in progress,
Also, been swapping things around again. RxMx coming shortly. Added Benjolin :)

MidSummer case mixUp- added RxMx, Bender, Ultra Random and Benjolin. Things are getting spicy :)

Switched out Rosie for a uFold II. I'm diggin the top row for all my lil'modules, till a DPO goes in.. mayb.

Added Clouds today. Been in the clouds all night. Wonderful module :)

55hp left. Added DPO. couple trades. case is really playable. lovin it. almost at my 2yr modular jump anniversary.

New studio modular EP up :) Made with current rack. Free, Enjoy ;)

Switched out for a Verbos Harmonic Osc today. Really love this module. So versatile! And lush!

My live modular set from pdx synesthesia.

Studio sketch, rehearsal for Volt Divers : 'things that light'.
This is definitely becoming a track for my cassette release:

Switched cases. Moved from my 12u mx104 into a 9u @ 126hp Suitcase style case. Loving the single unit.

random transmission R.t39

Added Malekko Wiard Boogie Filter & Erica Synths Polivoks VCF today :) Also, Elements. And recorded a "getting to know you" session. Just makin some noise:

MI Elements "Ominous" voice exploration, w/TipTop Audio's CR and Zdsp custom verb:

Picked up a MakeNoise LxD & now have dual Zdsp's too!

Added Metropolis yesterday ! Triggers Chaos & Acid ! the 3 amigos :)

well, the live rig is full. complete. kabeesh. very happy.

My live set from Volt Divers​ on Feb.13th, 2016.
It's actually 2 sets. I played my initial 22min set as booked,
then got asked to play again towards the end.
So i powered my case back on, and went for it ! Thanks Jeph Nor​ for recording!
What a fantastic evening! Thanks for listening :)

enjoy my live set from july's Volt Divers. thanks for listening if you get the chance.