I purchased a Clouds DIY from a seller on Modular Grid in July but I had no power supply and case setup so I did not patch anything into it until at the beginning of December, after setting up my case, and this is when I found out that the right input (R) socket is not working and the left side pot is scratchy (seller told me this is also quite wobbly, because it is a different pot, an encoder??? but he assured me is working OK- this is the top left side pot). I have tried to get my money back via PayPal but to no avail. I have also contacted my bank, which can do a payback claim to PayPal but since it was over 120 days that was not possible either!
I need to find out what pot it is and buy another one but dismantling the module and desoldering these parts is a bit tricky... :((((

The seller's name on Modulargrid is Pinpinkula (Jure Rotar- from somewhere in the former Yugoslavia). Be careful!

SCAM ALERT FOR ALL THE SELLERS ! This guy ( DanMan ( real name Dan Leuca residing in UK, originally from Romania ) wanted to pull a classic paypal scam on me, opening a "item not as described" claim on Paypal just shy of 6 months after receiving his module.

He said he couldnt have tested his module up until now since he didnt have a case for it but at this moment and for some time now he has been selling 8 of his modules up here to the general public meaning he has had a case to run any kind of module for quite some time. Obviously when i presented all of this to the paypal they threw out his claim in matter of hours - didnt even investigate, thats how SCAMMY it was. Here is my response to his claims if anyone wants to break his teeth on it; ( its detailed and forthcoming) https://www.scribd.com/document/367748975/Seller-Response-to-Case-ID-PP-006-413-682-835

Next to that he wanted to buy another module from me 3 months after he bought the one he is complaining about - (proof also present in the linked doc). What does all of this tell you, for real?

So even tho i didnt know what he did with his module in this time and how did he threat it to make it the way it supposedly functions and even tho he OBVIOUSLY tried to scam me i offered him a free of charge repair and what he did is he opened this thread and tried to fuck with me. Obviously you didnt realize yet Dan but you picked a wrong man to fuck with.

I d encourage everyone who has any doubt that i provide a fair and quality service to check other comments on my work up here (link; https://www.modulargrid.net/e/forum/posts/index/563 )
(for example; 61050PM Posted: Wednesday December 27, 22:27 / @pinpinkula is the man, would totally buy from him again despite living on the other side of the globe. :) ) This is just a sample of people who have bought from me. Even tho i dont explicitly say i offer warranty in most of my offers i have helped free of charge anyone to this date if their module got screwed up one way or another (less then a percentage of my sales, to be clear) .

But what i wont stand for is some make believe scamming ass winding up my nerves trying to foil me and then come and taint me and then expect me to be nice to him. Im sorry Dan, but you burned that bridge. What you made me realize is just how much more thankful i have to be that i have up until now dealt, and hopefully will do so in the future, with honest and stand up people which seem to constitute vast majority of users participating here. I didnt realize i was ungrateful for that up until now so there is something good coming from your scamming ass even so. A feather in your cap no doubt.

Regarding technicals, the guy doesnt know what he is taking about, he is taking about the encoder for the clouds gain pot - wtf? He claims he "will have to find what pot it is" all tho i linked to him exactly the pot used in that place in my response (linked above) and explained to him that that pot is a board mounted pot and that those are wobbly as opposed to the panel mounted ones - panel mounted simply have a thread on their shaft with which they tighten up to the panel with a nut, board mounted dont. This confusion of notions which he presents here corresponds to his scammy intentions no doubt.




See below the PayPal case logs and my messages to you TO WHICH YOU NEVER FUCKING REPLIED!
You employed your KGB skills to watch my activity, in proper Balkan style you DO guess, imagine, guess and then imply that if I have a module with rack rash IT MUST be from my own rack... it must have taken you a week to write all that shit to support your case. You had this Yugoslav attitude (similar to your pathetic Mladic, Milosevic) who would rather die than accept the truth- that you WERE wrong! Pathetic really! But hey, 200€ is a load of cash for you! I sympathise with you...really! Enjoy a drink on me!

All these hundreds of Eurorack users who know me also know that I have strugggled to build my own rack, using multi layered ply and some curtain rails, which was finished in Dec the 10th this month (chats and pictures are available if one cares). So, nobody tries to scam you, your English needs adjusting a bit. I was not trying to SELL you anything, I wanted to return to you a defective, unused unit, you have sold me. You WOULD have gotten the same unit back, so if it was that easy to fix why did you have to go to such lengths instead of replying on PayPal and offering to fix it! Look below, you never replied to me in 5 days, then when I escalated to a claim via PayPal fuck knows what you have said to them, a load of bollocks by the look of it!

Disputed Amount:
€217.70 EUR
Buyer reason(s):
After careful consideration, we're unable to decide this claim in your favour at this time.

The item you received is usable as described in the listing.

14/12/2017 21:38 GMT - PayPal: Buyer escalated this dispute to a claim.
14/12/2017 21:38 GMT - Buyer: I have purchased a DIY Clouds- an Eurorack module built by the seller that does not function as it should. To be more precise the instrument has got two audio inputs that should both take an audio signal and process it further. I have tried the module thoroughly and the Right Input does not work, meaning it does not take the signal in. Also, the data pot on the left hand side is very very wobbly and scratchy, as in noisy when turning. I have been told the unit is new, tested and works correctly but I am afraid it is not the case.I cannot fix the unit myself since it would entail undoing some 7 potentiometers, 2 push buttons and approx. 10 miniature jack sockets in order to remove the front panel. Then I would need to desolder the wobbly pot (which is impossible without damaging the circuit board, due to the fact that it has been soldered to the PCB and has got thick metal legs that have a lot of solder). Further on zi would also need to desolder the Right in jack and replace it, but with the same risks and consequences as with the pot).I would like a full refund to buy this unit from a proper distributor as it looks like your DIY instruments are not made properly.
14/12/2017 21:29 GMT - Buyer: Since you don't even bother to reply, and treat me with indifference, I guess the best thing to do is for me to escalate this to Paypal. No problem.
11/12/2017 12:38 GMT - Buyer: As you contacted me via Modular Grid and asked me to explain to you what this is about, I am replying to you here as well."Hi,After months of getting rails, wood panels, etc. I have finally manage to put up a case together, fitted all my modules in and started patching. However, when I tried to patch Rings or Ogre FM, or DynSync 303VCO into Clouds, the Right input socket of the Clouds you sold me did not get any signal through. As I pulled the jack out I could hear a short noise and tried to plug it in again, no signal going through. The socket must be incorrectly wired/soldered or it is defective. Now, in order to change a socket like that one would need to undo all the pots, sockets, etc. and I am not qualified to do that, plus it looks like the other sockets may be like that or become so after very few plug ins and out, which tells me that they are of very very bad quality. But, what is annoying is that you were supposed to check the Clouds module properly before sending it to me like it is and avoid this.Also, the input gain pot is really wobbly, like us broken AND is very noisy, it makes a scratchy noise when turning it. This is not right, you either used cheap Chinese components from Tayda OR sold me a defective unit! I want my money back, this is annoying! Now, I will need my money back so I can order one built by Mutable Instruments or buy a second hand one, but original since I do not trust DIYers anymore. You must understand that this is not right nor fair for a buyer to put up with, so no hard feelings but the Clouds module is not as described, since it is not working as you implied when you asked for the money for it! Cheers,Dan"
09/12/2017 23:25 GMT - Buyer: Also, the input gain pot is really wobbly AND noisy, it makes a scratchy noise when turning it. This is not right, you either used cheap Chinese components from Tayda OR sold me a defective unit! I want my money back, this is so annoying!
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27 Dec 2017 - PayPal: Email sent to seller
27 Dec 2017 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer
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14 Dec 2017 - Buyer: Dispute escalated to claim
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14 Dec 2017 - Buyer: Dispute opened
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Hey, it sounds like a pretty easy repair, I have had a similar problem on one of my diy clouds, (one input didn't work) it was a bad op Amp, but the pot could be a cold solder joint or a bad pot. The pot that is used for this build is plastic shafted and not the same height as the rest, it's easy to work around but this sort of thing is reasonable to expect. I'd be happy to trouble shoot your module if you want some help. Im in Portland OR, so not sure if shipping would be a hassle, and I'm pretty busy lately so it may take a few weeks before I get a good time to work on it, but it won't cost you more than parts and shipping if I can get it working. Obviously I can't guarantee results, but it doesn't sound like a very difficult problem, and I'm pretty familiar with that portion of the schematic at this point.
Pm me if you are interested.