I noticed this spam post in the modules section:

Thanks, we have to fight a lot with spam recently. Problem is, it's not a bot but real people from Indonesia, so they are hard to filter.

Interesting how they put an actual phone number on these. Some inventively irresponsible people could get a couple minutes of lulz off of (ab)using that in varying ways.

Not that that's a hint, mind you. Oh, no. I would certainly never advocate such a thing. Don't even think it.

(btw, anyone know what's Bahasa Indonesia for "Is your refrigerator running?"...?)

Still not sure if they are idiots or geniuses. There is at least one guy in Jakarta who thinks that modular users also are the target group for illegal abortion. He puts really a lot effort into letting us know.

ModularGrid now has an IP blocker, so I hope the situation will improve over time..

Maybe they're frustrated music critics? I know that I certainly qualify a lot of the unimaginative (ab)use of electronics in mainstream pop these days as an 'abortion'...

I totally missed this :(

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

Here's another: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/make-noise-o-coast


I think the above link is a SPAM module addition
can a mod have a look?

It wasn't a Eurorack module, deleted. Thanks!

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

And God forbid that Moog Music might suddenly decide to start making Eurorack modules!

They are already in the MU format where they belong ;)

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.