1 fader patch is a patch where at the zero level of the fader nothing happens, but as the fader is brought above or below zero. the patch comes alive and generates itself in a random but organized manner giving a harmonic cacophony. self modulating probably chaotic
1. At low positions on the fader, minimal notes played and soft tones farther the position is the more alive the patch becomes
2. tempo changes can be erratic and jolty
3. at zero level, nothing is being played
4. voltmeter needed to display position of fader
5. exponential changes in voltages are probably more than often preferred than linear
6.voltmeter that when a set threshold is broken can send trigger/gate to modulate other parameters
7. VCAs!!!!!!
8. offsets and attenuation
9. quantizer?
10. attenuated quantizer?
11. microtonal experiementation
12. try to be fluid with the patch
13. sample and hold
14. PPL YES! cause why not
15. a lot of modulation
16. clock divisions that can be modulated
17. will probably need a exponential VCA
18. attempt to use doepfer models
19. pad type oscillator with 2 complimentary oscillators
20. sub modulation