I've been deleting a lot of duplicates recently. So here are a couple of ideas to stop this trend:

1) When someone adds a module, look-up the name / manufacturer added and if there's already a module with that name (yes, I know variations can exist) then suggest that the module MIGHT be a duplicate

2) If a duplicate of a module exists and is being used then add a warning (similar to the incomplete power info warning already available) saying that user is using a duplicate module and that they should revert to original version

3) Do a purge. Seriously, let's clean up this place of all the damn duplicates. They will get removed from peoples racks, so be it! I can't believe I have to hide modules which are the reverse panel of the original, which is already available as an alternative to the original module by scrolling the Panel Selector options.


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Thanks @ParanormalPatroler for all your engagement and doing! These are good points as always. When I understand that right there should be some kind of automatic duplicate detection on upload. That is a good idea.
You already suggested a merge mechanism for modules, I still have that in mind. And also a way to flip panel images without uploading new images, like we have in the pedal section.

I can not act as fast as I like to do and there are several issues behind the scene which are mostly invisible but have to be addressed with priority like the recent spam attacks. I am most interested in a clean database and a way to purge the module data will come.

Hey @modulargrid, all these ideas are just things that come to me while I clean-up each day. It's by no means a requirement or a request; merely suggestions. As always, I'd be up to discuss these or any similar matter to a larger extent. A clean DB is what we're both aiming at! :) And by the way, I know full well that implementation is a totally different issue, so again, no pressure whatsoever.

I think that being able to Force Delete a module entirely could be an abrupt yet functional method, at least for mods? Maybe add an option list when deleting to send a message to the original poster (OP) so that they get informed of what they did wrong. Or maybe not.

Still, if we can't have a merge I, for one, vote to delete duplicates of modules that are now set up as hidden.

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Just got policed by PP, not being aware of the new panel switch feature.
Great initiative, both the function and PP efforts.

Can i suggest to define some official guidelines on this and send it by PM to all users?
There may be more users like me that do not read often the forum, but are heavy tetris players.

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Didn't mean to offend when I mentioned the reverse panel post. I fully understand that not everyone is aware of the Panel Selector option, as I'm aware that not everyone will bother scrolling through all the panels.

As is the panel number increases with each edit, whether it was panel related or not. Then we have all the people posting duplicates because they can't be arsed to use the search function! Not even alternative versions, just mere duplicates. And then, my favorite, people uploading a duplicate just to promote a sale. Love it even more when it's not even a module!

Anyway, I think merge would do wonders here. But for starters a warning when someone presses the Submit button "Are you sure this module isn't already available? Did you check the Panel Selector for alternative versions?" :)

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Here's a question/request which ought to be easily feasible:

can we make sure that the alignment between using a module on a rack and what appears in the info section of the module in regards to usage is 1:1 ? I mean, I'd like to be able to see exactly on how many racks a module is being used on, no exceptions.

Right now I have a module hidden, which I uploaded and had to remove, which is in no racks (supposedly) but when I try to delete it, it doesn't allow me as "it's being used in some racks". There's probably someone who still has it on a rack but I can't know who or how many there are, since the information is non-existent.

Same goes for when I upload a module the first time, I put it on my rack and there's no info about it being used anywhere. It's a bit weird. Is it possible that it's a bug?

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