Need some guidance and experienced ideas about this rack that I've planned. Completely new to the modular world...
I already have a 0-coast (tons of fun) and would like to add some modulation capabilities, so I was considering Math as the first step. Later on hoping to use the rack both as a stand-alone sound generation, and later on integrated with my DAW as sound-mangling unit. MI Clouds looks like a great second or third component, along with the ExpertSleepers Disting unit.

Would appriciate some ideas if I forgot something important, or units that I should consider before going ahead with the stuff placed in the rack right now.. Thanx in advance.

Im also new to Eurorack. I started with the Mother 32. I can speak for Maths and Disting. Maths was also my first addition and was really tricky for me at first and I didnt really understand it...But at a certain point it clicked and I was just like "...woah....this thing is SO useful..." I am also completely in love with the Disting. Its so useful (especially for a small system) I think I might get another one.

someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I am pretty sure clouds is going to start to get pretty hard to find...So if you see one you should try to grab it quick.

I would definitely squeeze a multiple in that open 2hp.

I'll second the call for the mult. Also, if you have the O-Coast, you might consider pulling the MIDI interface and substituting something that can get audio into the skiff so the Clouds can chew on it alongside the other sound generation path. The O-Coast can handle the skiff's MIDI just fine via its MIDI 2 outputs since you only have a single VCO, etc signal path in there. Also, don't forget you can crosspatch this with the O-Coast for other functions, such as clocking, etc and then you'd just treat it plus this as a single device...which, actually, would be a pretty beefy device.

One of Ladik's mixers that has panning and line-level stereo outs might be a better fit in that same space where the current Ladik sits now, too...could be useful to sum the O-Coast and skiff's signals together as a single stereo pair, plus you can also use the O-Coast's output for something else entirely.

One thing I was always taught early on was that if you can tandem two full systems together...as in this case...you're really not getting the result of one device plus one device. The possibilities are a bit more exponential, more like two squared. The more you can crosspatch, the more complex and outright interesting the situation gets!