Hi - I'm new to all of this, If some of you could check out my rack and tell me if it has all the basics essentials for starting out.


Hi Jaysus,

and welcome! You got most of the basics covered - you should get a VCO as the voice of your system, though. The range of choices here is huge (starting with the question of analog/digital...). Intellijel's dixie might be somethingm, or the Tiptop Z3000, or the WMD spectrum, Doepfer has a selection of VCOs as well ...
You might throw out the Performance mixer to clear rackspace for that.
Also, you should get a dedicated VCA. I can really recommend Intellijel's uVCA. It's not too expensive and does not take up too much space.
Finally, I am not sure if you need the multiple really.
Hope that helps you on a bit.

Hey Phineas!

Thanks for your input! and friendly welcome. I'll mess around with my rack and modules and see if I can make improvements. I've made some suggested improvements, do I require an audio out?

Cheers again!

Cool! I would still recommend getting rid of the Doepfer A-138p performance mixer. There are more important modules to start with and if you plan a rather small rack at first (which is absolutely the right way to go!) it is oversized. Plus, your maths and the intellijel vca can mix signals.
So I'd very much advise to get a proper VCO in its place. That is something you really need.

Also a nice filter is a good choice. You had one in there before, right? Doepfer has some good ones, but there is really a ton out there. Same infinity of choices as with VCOs...

And you might check out the disting: It is a slim module with lots of functions; might be helpful if you don't have much rackspace.

Also, try to figure out which modules suit the music you want to make. If you want to play melodies you might consider getting a sequencer. If you want to do droney/ambient stuff that might not be soo important (although still good!).

Most probably you won't need an audio out. If for example you want to record stuff on your computer you can probably go directly from a vca (or whatever) into the interface. Normally interfaces can handle the hot (loud) output of a modular. (But it's best to check that out before hand.)

Generally speaking it is good to start with a few modules and get to know them really well before expanding your system.
It is also the best way to not get frustrated by an overkill of possibilities at the start.

Good luck and... have fun!

Oh, and if you have the possibility: go to a local synth store, check out some modules, talk to people, find out what you want and need!

You're a gent! thank you. I've updated my rack and am feeling excited!!!


Great! Looks good to start with and find out about the basics.
Once you've done that you will know much better what suits you and you can still check out more special stuff then.
Have fun!

ModularGrid Rack

I kinda like this idea...keeps the A-106-1 and the MATHS, but tosses in four VCOs, a couple of VCSs, plenty utilities, three VCAs in the same form factor. If it's supposed to be a starter rig, having the ability to do modulation at both audio and low frequencies is pretty key to learning how to concoct a timbral palette. It also allows mixing for the VCO outs (left mixer, AC-coupled) and mixing/summing CVs (right mixer, DC-coupled). Disting for weird processing things, stereo mixer, stereo outs. In a way, it's got a good bit of what you'd find on a classic 'teaching synth' like an ARP 2600 but with some Euro twists and the ultra-power modulation voodoo of the MATHS to boot.

This input is great!, I can't thank you both enough!

Thanks again!