hey guys, after some consideration, i've come to this, am i missing something here? some suggestions?
how best to add manual cv's / triggers? any recommendation?

That's looking way better...you might consider a little reshuffling to stick in something for weird processing, like a Mutable Warps. Useful, small, gives you lots of 'how the hell did you do that?' sonic possibilities.

As for how to get manual control signals into it, one cheap solution would be an Arturia Keystep (mine is hooked into my Digisound 80 as I type this)...$120 for mono CV/gate out and poly MIDI, plus an internal step sequencer. But another idea might start with this: http://syinsi.com/shop/tiles/1u-tile-skiff-case/ .

Lots of possibilities in tiles for controllers...Synthrotek and PulpLogic have ribbons, Synisi does a micro keyboard, and there'd still be room for CV offset sends, LFOs and other toys. Put together with a Keystep and some other outboard sequencer (or other mischief) as sort of an 'expression mega-controller', and that could get really interesting really quick!

In fact, check this nonsense out... Ignore the blanks on the left; had to put those in due to MG's bottom limit on hp per row. Should be 4U x 24hp.

ModularGrid Rack