This Patch is controlled by Korg SQ-1

Nice...I see an interesting and easily/cheaply done addition, tho...let's say you added a simple panner, drove it with the A-140's inverse-out, then fed the A-106-1 to that and used the outputs from the panner to feed the dual VCA, also adding a mult to feed the positive envelope to both VCAs. Now you'd have panning in the stereo field synced to the SQ-1's timing. Twisted, yes? The A-170 could also 'smear' the envelopes to the L and R VCAs which gives you some control over the 'hang time' of the audio signal in the center or edges while the inverted envelope tosses things back and forth.

Lots of possibilities...but then, that's why we also call it 'EuroCrack'.

Thanx a lot.
I'm an absolute beginner and still have much to learn. That's why I'm grateful for every tip.

Hey, no prob...building up modular systems these days offers so many possibilities that just simple tweaks can really open up some big doors. A panner and a mult are cheap...but look what they could do in this setup. And even with those, you'd still have space in that 104 hp setup. Given that we have I don't know how many thousands of possible additions, with a result of probably trillions of possible end-configurations...well, the best thing is just use your imagination to concoct a sound first, then figure out what you have to slap together to get at it. And, as that comes together, what does the in-progress configuration suggest? After a while, these things start to tell you how they want to be built...granted, in my case that 'a while' comes out to nearly 40 years of twiddling around with electronic and electroacoustic devices, which is a bit of a cheat, but anyone can get the hang of this and start whipping up some real wonders over time.

It all sort of reminds me of a sign you see in one scene in 'Mad Max': "SPEED is just a question of MONEY! How fast do you want to go?"