Designed around beat making, scratching, and fully utilizing a Beatstep Pro.

Well, yank the Clouds first, unless you've got a line on a used one, since Mutable discontinued it (grrrrr...) very recently. Thankfully, there's third-party builds of it turning up, and those are only 8 hp as a rule, so, more free space for the invariable M0AR!

Otherwise,'s not too 'instrument-like'. A good rule of thumb is to group functions together, especially if you want to gig with the synth. Makes things a lot clearer, more intuitive and in the end, more playable. So I would do some shuffling if I were you, grouping all the controllers together, audio generators together, etc etc. It'll make for a panel that's a lot quicker to get around on, help disentangle patch cable snarls, and 'flow' better.

Not sure about having both a Ciao! and the 1U Output Mixer, unless you plan on having two different output sections. Also, while it's a DC device, I'd still find some way of getting that power input away from an audio output module just in case there's some unfiltered crud that comes in on your DC feed that might leak into the lower-level line output side of the Ciao! Might not be a problem, but at the same time keeping ANY power inputs or supplies away from devices that make use of lower voltage signals is a rule of thumb that's worth following, because even if induced hum, etc from AC line voltage isn't an issue, there can still be little bits of electrical 'uncleanliness' that can creep into your line-level outputs, inputs, and send/returns.

Good touch adding that Synthwerks USB supply, tho...self-contains things, no need to use (and eventually misplace at the most irritating time possible) an extra USB charger adapter for that BSP. It's also safe by audio signal stuff, since it's actually on the 'clean' side of your busboards (you ARE using filtered busboards, yes?).

Lugia, thank you so much for your reply. I already own Clouds and Peaks
Yeah, it's not your typical modular synth. I'm using the 1U Output Mixer mainly for panning and mixing two stereo signals to channel through the Pico DSP, then through Ciao!.
I'll definitely keep your advice about the power supply in mind. The Ciao! also provides a cuing channel for the Morphogene (Turntable) and my line level out.
My case is Synthroteks Waterproof 104HP 6U + 1U Portable Eurorack Case which comes with filtered busboards