I'm aiming to make deep rhythmic techno, not in melodics as such.
Will expand as I need to, but as a starting point how is this looking?
I'm planning to use the cv.ocd with my digitakt for sequencing, and have an outboard mixer for direct audio.

It's actually looking sort of underpowered, to be honest. I'm pretty sure that only one VCF is going to hamper you in getting lots of different timbres in your rhythmic patterns, and that factor is pretty essential to make effective patterns that both pound AND hold attention. I'd almost think that losing the Quad VCLFO would be in order and going with something more akin to a multicolor noise source, in addition to several small 'ringing' filters (such as either 2hp ones or some Erica Picos) would make more sense for what you want. These can also be pitchable via the sequencer but have a more percussive sound. You also need a bunch of AD envelopes for this to work, and Erogenous Tones makes an octal module with these, the RADAR. Consider a bit of processing, too...a short reverb will actually make things sound really huge and spacious without making the whole rhythm track sound like it's coming from some huge dumpster.

Keep the Tides. Slow changes across a track also make for interesting qualities in electronic percussion, and the Tides can be mixed in with some of the incoming sequencer CVs to make that happen. The STO is good, as well, for a bass source...but you really need a deep 4-pole LP VCF plus an ADSR envelope to get your bass voice working. That way, you get a solid, rubbery bassline plus you can squelch it up wite the VCF's resonance manually for a more acid-y tone.

Ultimately, if I were doing this build, tho, I'd have started with a larger rack for it. It's always better, when starting out, to go larger than you think you need...because in the end, you realize that you DO need it! Not suggesting a 12U Monster case here, mind you, but going to a 6U x 104 will give you more room, then if you find you need to, you can easily scale back down to something a bit smaller when refining the build.

Great advice, cheers! I am limited by budget at the moment, so this is more a foundation rack with the basics from which I can expand on in time, but this is really good feedback so I'll have a rethink.