I'd pair this with the Arturia MiniBrute 2S.

I've zero experience with Eurorack. The Arturia kit gives me an easy in so I don't have to worry about cases / power etc. I love the DFAM.

Does this look like a valid fun system?? This is primarily for beat making.

I want to be able to control it (midi) and record the output (audio) so I added modules for that.


Pretty excellent! You might reconsider the 1/4" outputs, though, and drop a mixer (possibly w/ VCAs) in instead. That way, you can mix/attenuate up in the RackBrute and send the resulting audio back down to the MB2s's audio in and final-mix in that box. Pairing the Drips w/ the DFAM is a brilliant move, also, but also pushes that need for a mixer.

I did a test layout along similar lines, myself...have a look at the DAMN YOU, ARTURIA thread under 'Racks' from a few weeks back. The sort of patchables we're starting to see now really encourages this sort of thing, and I think it was really prescient of Arturia to come up with a unitized design that pairs the MB2/2s with an attached Euro cab. Granted, that build is more extensive, but it's interesting.

Great advice, thank you :)

I think this is a great way to get me started with Eurorack. I don't mind paying a bit more and not worrying about power / case balancing, etc.