A little (literally!) something...two Frap 42hp rows + vertical cab ends. I sorta felt that a vocoder should be a separate device so that it can go inline with most anything. Bottom row is Frap's new Fumana module. Top row...ok, the mic preamp/envelope follower on the left gets its audio patched to the VCA, while the gate from the envelope follower goes to the AHDSR...this enables some shaped noise gating, allows only the proper level signals from the mic to pass to the Fumana. Mono limiter to even out the inputted carrier input signal, EQ before the output to tweak timbre a little before the line-out. This way, the device can easily be patched into anything from a modular rig to line-level I/O signals for both the modulator (with its own mic/line in) and the carrier.

Not too shabby! Hopefully a few folks will get some ideas from this, because that Fumana module looks to be extremely cool, almost a competitor for an EMS 5000 with the fully routable analysis-to-synthesis patching. And at gazillion$ less!