My goal with this rack is to insert it into a Waldorf KB37. I plan on making drones, ambient soundscapes, and leads more than rhythmic sequences. I would appreciate any feedback.

It's pretty close, could lose the buffered mult in favor of a regular one, since you don't have enough going on to justify a buffered mult to make exact copies of CVs, etc. They're great for keeping a dozen or so VCOs in tune off of the same CV, but in here it's sort of superfluous.

Soundscaping often tends to call for more in the way of filtering and processing, btw. Maybe a couple of VCFs instead of the single Erica would be better; better still would be a filter with an insert point such as Doepfer's A-106-1, which allows you to put something into its resonance feedback path. A delay would work nicely there, or any sort of time-domain effect. Overall processing is important as well, which I figure the Disting is for, but you might want to consider another processor to feed it into to set up a 'processor cascade', which also works nicely thru adjusting the wet/dry balances, etc as you 'play' them. As for the leads and drones, this is on the right track, though...I think you might want to tinker with the layout, though, putting sources in one area, modifiers in the next, modulators, etc. Since this is supposed to live in a KB37, do some research on existing monosynths over history, paying attention to why some are 'classics' and others just didn't make it.

Lugia, thank you very much for the excellent feedback. After some more research and consideration, I ended up dropping Maths for a Function, and adding a Chronoblob in that HP for some quality delay. I also added the Doepfer filter you suggested because it is pretty versatile.

The search for a mult replacement also resulted in my discovering the Plague Bearer, which I added to the effect cascade section.

I was excited about the Waldorf wavetable module, but the need for more HP to accommodate some of these additions caused me to look again into the E352 and I think Im sold on it.

Here’s where that left me:

Solid as a rock! If you have 2 hp left there in that open bit, maybe a passive mult could go in...otherwise, button it up with a blank panel and have some inline mults handy. That's a serious piece of gear there...make sure to exploit the inserts on the A-106-1 and Chronoblob for even more mayhem.

Now you've even got me pondering what might work in a KB37...