The top row is actually in Waldorf KB37 , the bottom row in a 104hp 3U skiff. I already had an NW1 and picked up on a deal for the loaded (NW1,Mod1,Vca1,vfc1) KB37 as a package. The compressor may go as I don't really need this so its just a space holder for now. Thoughts, ideas, criticisms ?

alt text

Yeah, losing the CMP-1 isn't that big a deal, I shouldn't think. That's one of those functions which, unless you're building a cab for drum modules, just doesn't click in all that well. May as well lose the Braids, since it's out of production and having two NW1s is going to be pretty killer, source-wise. As for additions, maybe consider one or two oscillators that can do double duty as LFOs for some extra modulation sources...always useful with wavetable souces. A couple more AD-type envelopes that can also loop would be useful too, I think, and maybe a couple more linear VCAs for modulation CV control...but that's not all that much, change-wise. This is going to sound quite cool, indeed...the architecture is not too dissimilar to a Blofeld, but in mono mode!

Thanks for the advice. I thought between The Mod1, Maths and the Pittsburgh Envelope I probably had envelope modulation covered. Any AD-Type envelopes and linear VCA's you could recommend that might fit my 20hp of the Cmp1? Also I was not aware that Braids was discontinued as I had just ordered one that was in stock but i see that on the Mutable site it is listed as discontinued. I love the sounds that it produces and was specific interested in its FM, Pluck and Bell type sounds, some of my favorites. The patchable Blofeld is kinda the vibe i was going for (I have one btw). So far i'm not real impressed with the 2HP stuff as the delay and comb filter get kinda noisy when turning the pots (not in a good way).

As for a good source of loopable ADs in a smaller space, have a look at the Intellijel Quadra. Four envelopes, linear or exponential curve, either AD, AR or looping. And as far as VCAs in a tight space go, see what Happy Nerding has with their 3x's quite a nifty thing, with three DC-coupled VCAs with some switch-configurable mixing abilities. And with that at 6 hp and 12 for the Quadra, you've still got 2 hp to jam something else in, so...bonus!

Thats it, add your suggested modules and anthor 2hp mult and im set. Thanks !!

Btw I also have this to go along with it.

alt text

Frickin' excellent! All of the interconnectivity between the kb37 rig and this stack should keep you busy for some time. I take it you've got a proper outboard mixer, or at least a digital interface that has enough inputs to separate all of this onto their respective tracks? The DFAM is something I've certainly considered...not for drums, however, but more for its 2 x 8 step sequencer and to separate out the various submodules in it via the patchpanel to drop into other signal paths. Ultimately, I think that might be its best use, and for the price, that's a lot of module functions!

Yes, I have an outboard Mixer and everything is on its own tracks. Also have an Eventide H9 Max in the send/return for delays and reverbs and such. Staying busy for a long time is the plan !!

Ok im thinking of loosing the 2hp comb filter and the 2hp delay as im not happy with them. That would leave me 4hp to work with. Im thinking about the Mutable Instruments Kinks mainly for the S&H function +. Any other good suggestions on what I could use for the 4hp?

Well, if you've got 4 hp and you want maximum bang-for-the-buck, consider a Expert Sleepers Disting...DSP-based, multiple uses, basically, it's a very small Swiss Army Knife of capabilities in not a lot of space.

Thats a lot of options in a small space i'll check it out. Thanks

I like the disting mk4, now if i could only find one. Great suggestions and Thanks !!

Should be easy enough; Perfect Circuit has them listed as 'arriving soon', and they're pretty reliable as to that 'soon' being accurate. For $189, getting that many functions is pretty's worth the wait.

The bottom row is a 48hp skiff that i have placed my least used modules for now. I have everything else except the Disting Mk4 (it is in the mail though). Added a Wogglebug and a2hp Malekko unity mixer Also on the way). I have everything i need for a while now and i'm having a blast with this setup. Thanks for the suggestions.

Ok i have replaced the 48hp skiff on the bottom with another 104hp. I decided on the Make Noise Morphogene and the 4MS DLD to fill the last 40hp hp with. They are on the way. I will remove the 2hp comb and delay that I had in the rack giving me enough hp as i'm not impressed with these two modules. This rack will then be complete for a while.

Added the Mordax Data so I could see whats going on, and it also adds a couple much needed simple wave forms such as basic sine, square and saw waves. which i didn't have. Its full now and i'm satisfied with the outcome. i have tons of options to work with. Also decided to keep the cmp1 as it works well with samples from the Morphogene.

Yeah, I can see that working well...anything with a lot of hard, fast transients tends to benefit from compression. If you're looping the DFAM with that Morphagene or something similar, the CMP-1 could well wind up being invaluable.