Hi there, I'm looking to build a small sound design row. Have purchased the moog 104hp case and just waiting on the power unit to arrive but from what i've seen this seems like a good way to have something versatile and not to excessive..

Thoughts would be incredibly helpful

Well, take note of the fact that you've overrun by 1 hp, but since that's with the Clouds and the Clouds is discontinued, that gives some more room. Now, if you also tossed the Erica module, that would open up a few more hp, enough to drop a Morphagene in...which is sort of Clouds-ish, but way more hands-on, control-wise. But then, there's another problem in that the 104 Moog case doesn't have the line-out that the Mother32 case itself does, so you're going to have to add an output module...which kills the Morphagene, space-wise. Hmmmmmm...

Ah! The SDS Reflex. 16 hp, all of the bells and whistles of the Clouds and more besides, and THAT will give you 4 hp for an output module, in stereo even. Maybe look at Happy Nerding's Isolator...transformer-isolated and balanced stereo outs with a ganged stereo level control. Nice...and a good combo with the Reflex. Should work just fine!

Thanks so much.. Yeah i've realised that nobody is selling or reselling Clouds (sadness) will look into the modules