Is there a way to look for users other than already knowing their user name?
And if I find an intersting user, how can I keep following them so their names show up in a „favourites“ list where I can just click on it?
And how can I follow specific racks? Copying the to my own racks is a great function, but checking racks to see how they change and evolve over time is very interesting, too.
If such functionalities do not yet exist, is it difficult to add them? It‘d be great to be able to star or like a user and/or rack and be able to find them again easily.

I really tried to find such functionality here, but couldn‘t.

We don't have social media functionality on ModularGrid, but we think about at least to add some kind of friend list.

Social functions aren‘t necessary. That‘s what we have ther platforms for.
Just being able to search for users by either their real name or user would be very helpful.
Oftentimes I see an interesting video on YouTube and would then like to find their racks here, but it is usually by chance that I do. Then I copy the link to their profile and put it in my notes app. It works, but having this simple functionality right here would be great!

Did you know we have a user search function?
If you click on Messages there is a link Find Users. You have to know their MG username though...

I did not know that. Great, a step in the right direction. Being able to search for people‘s real names would be a great addition.

Being able to search for people‘s real names would be a great addition.

We don't know the real names of the users so this will be a problem...

There could be an option for users to enter their real name in their account and choose if they want it to be searchable or not.
I have no idea if such things as I‘m suggesting are easily implementable or not. Just thinking „out loud“.
Anyway, I am very happy with MG as it is and proud to be a Unicorn.

Option to follow rack/user would be cool