Main goal is to make a modular system who is my band mate that i can jam next to on my drumset.

Melodic Voices: Pico Voice, uBraids, Microbrute
Melody Generator: oC (in chord modes or quantermain), PNW (to clock)
LFO: PNW, Maths, (do not foresee using o
C in quadLFO mode..)
Drum Voices: Pico Drums (1 trigger- Bass, 1 trigger- Snare/clap/rim/etc), Pico DSP for drum effects
Drum Triggers: Ddrum Piezo Sensors on my acoustic snare and bass drum to trigger Pico Drums (to layer over the acoustic drum track) and maybe more piezo pads later to do things like trigger LFO/reset clock/other events)
VCA: 2hp VCA (x2) and Maths
DAW / Sampling: MPC1000 linked to modular with a-190-2
External Effects: Blue Lantern Module going to my Zoom MS70cdr to mixer
Drum Mics: Audix d6 on Bass Drum, Shure SM57 on Snare, Zoom h4n Pro Room Mic
Controllers: BeatStep Pro, Keystep
Mixer: Zed-10FX

If the goal here is to put together a sort of generative system that you can trigger with your drumkit, I'll warn you right now: you're probably starting too small. Just the amount of trigger and microphone inputs you're going to want (need, actually) and the interactivity from those is going to pass that little cab's space limitations very rapidly. Back up, start again, this time with something like a 6U or 7U (one tile row) x 104 or larger case. Otherwise, the only way this becomes doable is with buttloads of tiny 2 , 3 and 4 hp modules, and if you want to make an adjustment to any of that while playing the drums, you'll discover a whole new level of frustration.

My suggestion: go and look at some examples of the electronic kits from the beginning of that concept, such as the early Simmons kits. You'll find that these tend to be very easy to adjust on the fly because of how their control panels are laid out, basically becoming the template for what electronic controls for drummers (who tend to be QUITE busy with the actual drums themselves) evolved from. Teensy knobs and loads of patchcords doesn't lend themselves to the sort of adjustability and playability as, say, an SDS-8.

It's not a bad just all has to be done right, or you'll wind up with equipment that has an unusable form factor.