Hi, my aim here is to buy a minibrute 2 and use a rackbrute 6u. I need to keep the space small as I'm likely to be moving around a lot and so will sell some of my old synths to fund.

I am totally new to the modular world, but would like to build in the rackbrute a system that can do it all. I like to noodle mostly and already have a Behringer model d, hence it's in my rack.

Do you think it's possible to have a system which would be able to cover all grounds for creating track, ie drums and such? Or have I wandered to deep into my gear acquisition syndrome and become way out of depth?!

I would appreciate any help with a hypothetical system using the minibrute 2 and rackbrute 6u and Behringer model d to create a comprehensive portable system.

Honestly, I wouldn't put the Model D in the Rackbrute. First of all, it already has a cab and that cab takes care of its power needs. Secondly, it takes up a lot of room, and given the goal you're shooting for, the Model D gobbles up a lot of the rack space you'll need to make that work. Wanting to 'do it all' in 2 x 88 hp is a bit of a tall order...not wholly impossible, but if 70 hp is being used by what's basically a monosynth that can just as easily stay where it is, you probably won't be getting close to that notion.

Third: be extremely careful about which synths to sell. Consider that some of those, if you got them relatively cheaply, probably will not ever be at your disposal again. Case in point is sitting right behind me, and only cost $450 plus a couple of days driving when I got it, and while I could easily pull down a cool $18k for my Yamaha CS-80, I have been balking at it ever since the idea arose...because I will NEVER, EVER find one of these things at an affordable price again! Even if that revenue was 100% channeled into studio equipment, losing that particular synth would be a helluva hole in my equipment. In contrast, I was able to get another MS-20 (Mini), a few others I sold in recent times are redoable in more reliable forms (my PPG setup, for example...Waldorf's Blofeld Keyboard is just fine as a functional replacement, plus Wolfgang Palm's doing some wild stuff now with mobile devices), and one I regret selling can be regotten cheaply enough.

The 'Brute rig is one I've been working on as of late, although the eventual result will be a 2 and 2S with two 6Us (maybe), so this is pretty familiar turf. So, one caveat I would make is that it might be a good idea to get the Minibrute 2 first, pair it with the Model D, and then see what needs present themselves. As for me, I'm familiar with the Minibrute's architecture, so I know what needs to be paired with it to get it to go in the directions I want, but if you've not had a lot of experience with patch-overriding a synth's internals, I would really suggest doing that first before dropping a bunch of money on a Rackbrute 6U and a module compliment, then discovering that, wow, none of this does what I had in mind, so now what?

Also, having just discovered modular synthesizers, you might want to observe first. See what others are doing, research what the 'classics' had, then sort out the various strengths and weaknesses you're going to gradually notice. For example, why did Uli Behringer use (cough, cough, 'steal') the Minimoog's overall basics to come up with that Model D? On that one, if you know why the Minimoog was set up the way it was, you might see a couple of other reasons why I'm saying it doesn't go in the Rackbrute.

And remember: what you're contemplating here involves blowing several grand, ultimately...yes, even in that small a cab, if you want it set up correctly. Treat this more as building an instrument that you're likely to use for several years, not something you can toss like a Volca or some such.

Not trying to throw water on your enthusiasm, mind you...it's just that you're wandering into an area that's INFINITELY deep that makes a read through the Sweetwater catalog look like a cursory glance at a Hallmark card, and I'm just noting that you might want to slow a bit here and find out what all of this not-bought-yet gear can and should do before dropping a bushel of moolah on it. Make sense?

Hey Lucia, I really appreciate your thoughts. You're right about the selling of my synths, some have rocked up in price and in hindsight I think I wanted something not achievable with really any amount of rackspace.
I think I was seduced by the small form factor and an affordable way into the Eurorack world!

I think I will sell the stuff I don't use and just keep a lurking eye on this site to keep up to date!

Thanks again!

One thing that I am doing is using the free software VCV Rack and Softtube Modular to plan out how the modules work as well as try semi modular gear like the Make Noise 0-coast before I blow 5-10k on a modular setup. Not sure what your experience level is on Eurorack but maybe try a smaller approach in stages?

Well, like I said, don't get discouraged. MG is an incredible resource for figuring out what you actually are trying to accomplish sonically and what bits and pieces, in what order, work to get you there. Spend some time here researching others' racks and seeing what experienced synthesists are doing, asking questions, and working on lots of builds to try and sketch out an approach. True, modular synthesizers aren't a thing to just dive into casually...especially these days...but the fact is that it's loads easier now thanks to resources like MG to eventually arrive at something that you intuitively KNOW you can live with and work with for years to come. Takes time, and practice...like most anything else worthwhile!