Hi all,

I started with a basic build using VCA, VCF, LFO, utilities like clock/slew, VCO. Looking for industrial techno, trance and darker sound in my first rack. Here is what I just sketched out:

ModularGrid Rack

What are your thoughts?

I think you just blew up a Row Power 40.

Seriously, check your draw on the R-55's 5V tap. This build wouldn't even make it through the warmup of that module before the Magic Blue Smoke got out.

Haha now that would be scary in real life! Yeah I need to add power what would you recommend to handle the modules? Right now been playing with my new Make Noise 0coast semi modular and tested first patch! So much fun now I know Eurocrack is calling my name when money is available :-)

Check with Metasonix themselves. I know they offer some P/S options that can handle their tube module draws, most notably across the 5V rail for the tube filaments. They're also cogniscent that the filaments draw considerably more on startup than once they're at operating temperature, since they have to overcome the thermal version of inertia in order to get up to operating temps. Once there, they draw 'less'...although, that's one massive 'less' that they draw.

Erica also has a solution to filament voltages, but I'm not sure if it's compatible with Metasonix modules...it might just be for their own tube modules. In their case, there's a retrofitted 6.3VDC supply added which supplies the filaments.

Congrats on the 0-Coast, btw...now you can see the screaming raw POWER that having full control over the patch architecture offers! To quote noted actor and weirdo John Travolta: "Ain't it cool?"