This is my real life set up , but not sure if this is the best order to have my modules. Also what am I missing. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

ModularGrid Rack
OK...flow was seriously reworked. Clock and Disting + mult are now upper-left. Audio sources next, starting with the Plonk so it can take a trigger out easily from the Tempi, then the oscillators after that, into your Veils. Filter after that...which puts the entire audio generation/modification chain up top along with your clocking.

Bottom row starts with the LFOs, then the sequencer so it can tap-upwards for its clock, then back up again to the oscillators nearby. All the envelope gens are grouped now, and proximal to the Tempi as well for triggers. I added a TriATT to make it easy to scale and invert your modulation sources (this is why it's last in the modulation section) as well as provide offset voltages or serve as an extra's quite versatile for its size and cost.

Then the Frames for mixing, taking the filter feed down to the bottom where the mod sources are to modulate the Frames. Next, another addition: an Erica Pico DSP. This adds some basic effect processing, plus also stereoizes the Frames' output so it works better with the fully-stereo Clouds, then off to the outputs. Or, alternately, you can take a pair out from the Frames and feed this to the Clouds, then using the Pico DSP to put effects on the feed from the VCF to the Frames. Lots of potential there.

You'll notice, also, that I ejected the uZeuses in favor of a 4ms Row Power 40; this is more than adequate for the build's current draw, returns 4 hp back to other modules, and simplifies the power arrangement, eliminating the need for two P/S modules.

All flow now works left-to-right on both rows, with the ability to 'loom' up or downwards as needed in a fairly logical order. This should be a lot smoother to work with!