Hello everyone,
New to the site and was seeking some feedback on a Make noise skiff I have been planning. Its based on the the system Concrète, replacing the Phonogene with a Morphagene, the MMG with the Jomox T-Rackonizer and adding the Loquelic Iteritas + Pamela's NEW Workout for mostly rhythmic percussive noise elements.

My current home set-up consists of a 0-coast, Pittsburgh modular sv-1 Blackbox, Digitakt, Lyra-8, which all travel through a
Allen & Heath ZED10FX Mixer.

I'm thinking of the new rack as a standalone sound design tool but also integration with my current semi-mod gear.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


The problem I see here is that this is all happening in a pretty small space. The Phonogene swap: good. The Jomox addition: also good. But then, there's the issue of how to cram in enough percussives into the remaining space. One thing I would do is to yank the mult as well, and rely on inline mults and/or stackable cables to split outputs. That gets 4 hp back, but the result still only leaves 14 hp for this, and the Pamela's can deal with eight trigger-ins. True, a few of these can go to the 0-Coast and Pitt, but you still need something percussive and, presumably, glitchy to get things moving.

Instead of just the Noise Eng. Fettucinius Marsala Lorem Ipso, I suggest adding one other nasty percussive in the same realm: a Møffenzeef Dialup. When you see the desc on it, you'll get the point. Fits nice with the NE Colosseum Autostrada Eruptum.

One other thing that is a little itchy for me, also, is the mixer. That little A&H is getting pretty close to being overrun, sounds like. If you get a wild hair to go to a larger mixer, I would suggest also trying to find something without onboard effects. There's a couple of reasons for this: first, those onboards are not very tweakable, so not only are they not too finely-adjustable, you can't play them...your Lyra-8 should explain what I mean there. Second, they're not exactly the best things; they tend to not be the best quality in sonic terms, plus they lack a lot of character, since they're designed to please a wide user base and not merely electronic music types who will also want the processing to be part of the overall creative process. And last, they muck up one or two AUX sends in terms of the mixer being built to use them, instead of being structured to deal with external processors.

Have a look at eBay at some point, and you'll find that there's a lot of very suitable, higher-quality, and bigger mixing desks on the used market right now, while people are jumping the analog ship for digital. This was dumb with synths, as we know, and it's just as dumb with most anything else. Take advantage of this and get some sweet dimes-on-the-dollar action!

First of dude thanks for the input. Nail on head as far as space, as far as room I had thought of 2 rows.

What would you do with the free 4hp. one of those 2hp strum and a utility?
Møffenzeef Dialup looks cool and your right about the mixer.
live tool, effect are ok, add some distortion think you can get some character its a cool little mixer, Aux's are a bit noisey but to me thats not a problem. I had thought of replacing the pam with aLittle nerdy? gota wait for one.
whats your thoughts on digital mixers?

The Lyra-8 is a pure joy. I send it straight through a wobbly Waldorf 2-pole so I can gate/or mod the env/cut/gate of the 2-pole. Lyra as I'm sure you know has 2 envelopes. slow and slowerr..

Dude thanks for the thoughts, nothing is set yet apart from the skiff and the Jomox.
This could be another possibility


I actually think the use of the Little Nerd in v.2 of the rack makes more sense. It has a lot of the Pamelas' capabilities, plus a few extra tricks, but occupies less space and it's more cost-effective. If this version of the rack is the direction to go in, the only change I'd think might be in order is to remove the Moddemix (the Wogglebug has a ring-mod mode, and the Erica mixer takes care of summing), then drop in a 4 hp multi-drum module that does more conventional rhythmic station-keeping while using the NE Pilobolus Vomitorium Excelsior as the source for screwy percussives to contrast with the more normal ones. In that 4 hp range, janost has a number of short-run clones of 4-8 voices of classic stuff, like 606 and 808 modules, an Oberheim DMX-based module, and a few other bits of trickery. Plus, by going with a 4 hp drum module of that type, you have 2 hp left...which is perfect for dropping in a 2hp dual VCA module, which you really need. VCAs are sorely lacking in this build, but that may well solve the issue and give you a final version of the skiff.

like the idea of the DMX module but as you say limited run so I'd need to be quick, the Moddemix was mainly for its ring-mod functionality so thank for the heads-up on the Wogglebug.
I'm leaning toward this,
though the mixer and VCA could be swapped as far as size and manufacturer. Again, thank for the help.

Hm...came up with the same screenshot as before. Try this: paste the URL of the page you actually build the rack on into the next post. That should bring the image up in the post...but before doing this, do a refresh of that page and call up the screenshot and refresh it as well so that it matches the rack's work-page.