One technical detail not visible in the build is a number of frayed, bare wires inside the skiff, which is also packed with quite a bit of gun-cotton.

I guarantee this will be the most excitement available in Eurorack today!

(insomnia. just say no.)

Looks cool- all that it needs is a detonator switch and wires and wick then you have an explosive synth!

Ahhh, but since I insist on automatic convenience, the interior 'wiring' is designed so that you don't even need the extra switch. Just turn it on...and IT EXPLODES! Which, in a sense, is the answer to many synthesists' prayers: auto-programming in a modular. It's a technical innovation that is guaranteed to be groundbreaking...probably for your funeral if you're standing over it when you power it up, actually.

It's also auto-tuning and totally drift-free. I guarantee that whatever extremely momentary noise this emits will be perfectly cent-accurate compliant to some sort of scale in some way or another. Yet another horrible and long-vexing technical issue SOLVED!

Lovely, too bad that not all modules are available in New Zealand. Otherwise I think it would fit ideally to the under-water conditions of cove diving.

That Spinal Cat module made it in the demo image of the MG marketplace default offer.

Would make a good art installation.