Hi everyone,

I've got a 4ms row power 40 and I'm looking to power a 7u synthrotek 84hp case. I think my options include flying bus cables or bus sticks. One order of the flying bus cables includes 13 headers, but I'll need 15 plus another for a row of 1u tiles. This is my first rig, and I'm not sure if I should get a combination of cables and a bus stick, or if I can chain the bus cables together? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

In general, I think that using actual bus boards is preferable to using flying bus cables except in smaller builds. A handful of modules on a single flying bus isn't going to create the draw issues and potential interference that loading a flying bus out totally might cause. Plus, bus boards can be had which incorporate filtering which improves noise factors, reduces interference leakage across the DC busses, and so forth. That's just not possible with a simple length of ribbon cable with some clipped-on connectors.

As for the tiles, check here: http://syinsi.com/Shop/other/ Power connections for tiles, on boards with filtering, which is pretty snazzy and definitely an improvement over the splitter-cable-off-a-16-pin previous methods.