I have put together a possible eurorack system. I am a newcomer and hope to learn modular using what I have put together here. At the moment i am using a mother 32 to try to learn the basics. I am also using Maschine Mk3 to sequence the M32 via MIDI and play drums. I mainly make music with a 4 -4 beat and like alternative / glitchy interesting sounds and effects. The aim of getting into modular is to experiment and be a more hands on instead of using software. I do hope to explore using Reaktor Blocks (hence the inclusion of ES-8) with the modular rack I build (I think) but after I have learnt the basics.

I think what I have included here is at the top end of my budget for now, but I hope to continue to expand if it goes well.

Assuming my ideas are ok what 4 modules of the above would you buy first?

Feedback appreciated, I am a complete newcomer!


Please click on the rack, for some reason the link does not show all of my modules. Thanks!

I've recently completed my first skiff so really just a novice myself, but if you haven't yet
I would recommend VCV rack. Especially if your interested in the mutable modules, great testing ground and its free.
Also The Befaco Rampage module is in there which could give you a better idea of what you can achieve with the Maths
(which is Awesome).


Hi Voider,

Thanks very much for your info, will give that a try.