Hi everyone,

I am totally new to eurorack systems and building a 104hp rack.
Just looking for advice on the setup I intend to build.
Do I really need a mixer in this setup, as I have a VCA?
Would this be an effective setup?
How could it be improved?

Modules I have so far are:
Erica Synths Midi to CV, Wavetable VCO, Quad VCA, Pico DSP, Pico Output.
The others I have yet to purchase.

ModularGrid Rack

Thank you!

Wow...that is one seriously expensive ADSR. That's actually where I'd start: get rid of it. Instead (and keeping with the preponderance of Erica stuff here), replace it with Erica's Black Dual EG/LFO. It's cheaper, for starters (so you can sell the AJH cheaply and still afford this module), and doubles up on its functions. And you do want that...having separate envelopes for filter and amplitude is actually pretty useful, hence why Bob put both in the Minimoog.

Mixer? Sure, why not? It's kind of in the wrong position, though; instead, swap it and the quad VCA so that you can control the oscillator mix with the VCAs, then the Stereo Mixer can work with some sidechaining-type patchwork (you need stackable cables for this, fyi) to send the filter to both the mixer and the Pico DSP, then return the DSP back to a stereo pair on the mixer in sort of a cobbled-up AUX send/return fashion. Also, if/when this gets expanded, you'll want that mixer to add in the signal from whatever expansion skiff you put together, so it's a good plan for the future to have that.

Hey Lugia,

Thank you very much for the advice, much appreciated!

I hear you regarding the AJH module but I'll probably just keep it and add it to the next skiff I just purchased.
I'll take your advice on the LFO and add that to the first skiff in place of the ADSR.
Doesn't the Make Noise Maths act as a good LFO, or do you recommend having both modules in the same setup?

Thanks again!

Definitely both...if you're using the Maths as an envelope-like modulator, having the LFO on hand for more traditional LFO-ish behavior is a plus.

Fantastic, thanks for the great tips!