I've recently given in to my base desires and started to build a little modular setup. Bought a Moog Mother32 which sounds well nice, then got the Moog branded two-tier rack and Moog branded eurorack case, with a TipTop uZeus to power some modules.

Then I won a Doepfer A-110-1 on ebay, and the damn thing doesn't fit in the moog eurorack case due to the A-110-1 being too deep for the unnecessarily weird dimensions of the case.

Any way I can find out how deep modules are so I can be sure they'll fit in the case? This site only appears to mention the width of a module rather than any other dimensions? And might anyone recommend a suitably shallow oscillator module to complement the moog?


As a rule, the module depths are listed with the current draws on the module listings themselves. The depths also appear in the 'mouse-over' popups, plus the maximum depth in a given rack gets shown, again, down by the current draws.

Unfortunately, some companies and/or users posting modules are a bit slack when it comes to this measurement...annoyingly so, in fact, because (as you point out) it's a rather critical factor when dealing with typical cabs these days, which tend to be shallower. Cab makers aren't much help at times, either; I had to nag on Arturia earlier this week, in fact, when I couldn't find any listing of the internal depths in their Rackbrute cases (ie: over the busboard and over the empty space). To date, they've still not provided that updated info on their site. grrr......

I put a 40mm deep module into one of those Moog racks, but I wouldn't get one much deeper than that. Remember that you still need a little bit of space for the ribbon cables at the bottom.