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I find it hard to figure out... limited instructions/instruction reading (maybe I did not read them)... but pretty much the only use I have for it at the moment with my software, reaktor blocks, are sequencers, LFOs and an input into Ableton, one. Also the inputs/outputs look cool but are loose and seem to be inferior in quality/construction... patch cables will just fall out if bumped lightly, there is nothing holding them in place. I am not able to make the ES-8 work the way I intended if blocks is used as a plug-in with ableton. Blocks has to be used in standalone, which is not what I was expecting. Not too interested in many of the other modules in my software (NI blocks) but I guess I could try to modulate the digital shtuff that comes out of it... I could not get an ADSR in blocks to work, receiving and sending cv... got frustrated, maybe I will read through everything again someday and try again. I was thinking I could use this for VCAs, ADSRs, LFOs, Sequencers... halfway there... Wish someone would make some useful videos.... bahhh hahahahahahahaha ahhh.

you could try vcvrack it's free and works with es8 - or silent way (which should show up as a plugin in ableton)

It sounds like you're not using the right software with it. Try the ES-8 with either Expert Sleepers' Silent Way (Windows) or MOTU's Volta (Mac) as a gateway/translator. The ES-8 is designed for that sort of software, something that can send a signal to a DC-coupled audio interface (which is what the ES-8 is) and the module converts that into the proper CV/gate/trig calls on its end. Even with a plugin like Reaktor, you're still going to need to use something of that sort that knows how to address the ES-8 properly.

I was able to set up the module with NI Reaktor (and also with VCV Rack, CVToolkit, or even Softube Modular) all of them are working fine however with some limitations:

NI Reaktor: yes if i run it as a plug in i can have only 1 input and 1 output to (or through) the DAW (or at least in Ableton).
as Stand-alone i could receive 4 signal and send out 8 signals to Eurorack - so also any ADSR is working fine

My only concern is the latency. I might need a faster computer. Of course in some cases a relative low or middle latency is enough eg some effect etc.
However if you want the same signal coming into the software and going out to Modular again then this means every in and out on the same signal route will add latency - so at the end you might end up summing up a lot of latencies. Plus also in case of using software VCA (or LPG) with Hardware VCO if the attack time is fast then i can notice a strange sound at the beginning of each note i play...

I saw that it is possible for a Plugin to use multiple channels to Ableton. like Softube modular can route 4 auxilary outputs to Ableton. These outputs you will be able to select as an input for a seperate Ableton track. Would be nice to have the same for NI Reaktor. And would be even nicer to have an option for multiple INs and OUTs as well.

Or another solution could be if you could use direct access to the soundcard not only in stand alone mode but also as a plugin.

I like the possiblity in VCV Rack that you can add 2 (or more)Ö out modules and will be able to select different soundcards for each OUT.
So you dont need to make aggregate devices (in OSX) but can route Inputs ond OUTputs to different places at the same time: eg: to ES-8 for CV plus to DAW or another soundcard for recording audio or listening through headphones etc..

"MrWigglesworth" just send me a message with details and i can help to set up Reaktor ADSR with ES-8 (in standalone mode) if you want.

My work with VCV Rack 0.6.1 has been a bit better than with 0.5.x, but it's still got some issues. Running it on multicore is pointless as it only deals with a single processor at a time. Because of this, it would seem that some howling-fast i7 or i9 (if you've got the buck$) would be the best pick to either drop the latency or allow it to run very large (50+ module) patches. I did notice, also, that 0.6.1 has a control up in the file menu that puts time utilized indicators on each module. See for more on this.

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How do you like the way the module holds patch cables? Mine fall out and there is nothing holding them in place, so loose.

Are you supposed to use a different size cable with this module?

To me for the price of this thing, it should hold a patch cable in place.

You must be using 1/8" plugs. The vast majority of Eurorack makes use 3.5mm, which is a hair bigger (0.137", as opposed to 0.125") and while the difference usually doesn't matter, some jack manufacturers make products which are less forgiving of the mismatch.

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Nope, standard 3.5mm hosa patch cables... loosest holes on my rack. I even have to jam it hard sometimes to get it to work.... shitty...(happy)... but really it's not great. Maybe I was sold a demo instead of a new. ahahahahaha baaaahhhhhh hmmmmm?

That's odd, then...I would suggest contacting Expert Sleepers about this. Maybe they have some insight as to what the trouble might be. Annoying, I'm sure...because what it's capable of doing is quite nifty, but if the patchcords won't seat, well...

I haven't had any issues with cables being so loose that they fall out. It could be down to the brand of cables and possibly the weight of the cables and angle of the module. That rape joke is totally not cool though...

In order to get all the in/outs when used as a plugin you have to use Reaktor as an effect and not as an instrument. Hope that helps!

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