Hi Everyone,

I'm interested in cinematic, evolving soundscape work, and I'm debating between waiting for the new version of clouds or breaking down and getting a morphagene. I understand that these are two very different modules, but I'm primarily interested in live granular manipulation. The brain of my setup is a digitakt, but I don't see the sample functionality of the morphagene as redundant. (Is this correct? The DT's capabilities are huge, but it won't do what the morphagene does, at least not as easily).

I've got 22 free hp. The new clouds is rumored to be 14, so that's a big bonus.

Curious to know everyone's thoughts, especially folks who are interested in ambient, soundscape-type music.


I am new to the morphagene and still have a lot to learn, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I have both clouds and morphagene, and love them both for very different reasons. So far, the way that I see it is for interesting live manipulation that doesn't require much work, clouds is superior. For intricate sample based sound design, morphagene wins by a landslide. The workflow that morphagene thrives in is recording audio, then manipulating it, whereas clouds wins as a live granular effect. That being said, I honestly find clouds kind of boring because there is not that much that it can do (however what it does it does very well and it sounds great), where morphagene is an endless pit of possibilities where every day you can discover something new and amazing. Just my two cents!

I appreciate these descriptions! Because of the range of experimentation that the morphagene provides, and its ability to incorporate field recording samples into the mix, I'm leaning more in that direction. I never thought of the clouds as a kind of one-trick pony, but I agree that the one trick it does is a really cool one!

A couple of others worth looking at along these same lines might be the Orthogonal ER-301 and the Mordax GXN (when it drops in a few months). Also, if going outboard for manipulation is possible, a Tasty Chips GR-1 might also fit the bill.

Always appreciate your input, Lugia.