Probably never going to bite the bullet with Eurorack, but making up hypothetical ones sure is fun! What do you think? A lot of voices and a lot of utility, all for a cool 4.3k...

Solid looking rack! About time I saw one on here that I made me immediately jealous.

I'd go with the Noise Engineering lunchbox mixer in the same size.

Regarding the tiny computer screen trend: I would personally swap out the Pam and the O+C for something else more immediately usable. Maybe a Turing Machine or Mimetic Digitalis, and a regular clock/divider, LFO, and quantizer. More knobs and switches on the panel and less fussing with interfaces.

Yeah, you did that right. I'll second cg_funk on the Pamela's (kinda overkill here) but I say keep the's way too useful. Instead, cg's idea on the more conventional clock + divider makes sense; my suggestion, fitting in the same 8 hp, would be Evaton's CLX dual clock/logic plus Zlob's clock divider. That way, you get some weird logic possibilities sneaked in. Then yank the 2hp Snare and Arp (the o+C can handle that function, more or less) and add an ALM PipSlope as sort of a teensy VCS-ish device to loop CVable attack/decay for those times when the Maths is too overtaxed. As for the rest...looks great!