ModularGrid Rack

The idea is to pair this with the Pulsar 23 (when it releases) and an Eventide Space pedal. I feel like it looks pretty good, and more importantly a lot of fun. But my theorizing has proved less than accurate before...

Any opinions much appreciated ☺

Seems fairly on point. I take it you'll be clocking the entire thing off the Tempi, using the logic and other pulse sources to set up variations for the Pulsar23? Anyway, the only thing that's a bit bothersome is the layout; I suggest trying to group functions with like functions (VCOs near sequencer/quantizing, processing near the end of the chain, etc) so that the interconnection between this and the Pulsar23 isn't quite as tangly and difficult.

Thanks for the reply Luigia,

Ya that's right, also the Pulsar 23 will have gate outs I'm sure so can send those back into the rack. Also using a Moffenzeef Stargazer I just got which deceptively deep and a lot of fun. Plan to send that thru Ears most times to make more rythym possibilities.

I did put a lot of thought into the layout as I will have the Pulsar to the left of the case, which is why all the modulation, clocking and sequencing is to the left side. I'd be really curious to hear how you would lay it out differently? I love thinking about layouts, feels like working out a puzzle (which has no end..).

Also have an O/Ax2 which could replace the disting if I find myself needing |Attenuverting and Offsets.. I'm hoping to get by without though.

Given the way that SOMA stuff likes to lie flat (the Lyras, etc) and work as both device and controller, I was sort of thinking the best way to set up a tandem with the build above plus the Pulsar 23 would be to put the Pulsar 23 in front, where a keyboard might go in a more conventional rig, maybe with some taller feet in the rear to rake the control panel just a bit. Then behind that on some type of riser (perhaps something like this: with a steeper angle, that would be where the Eurorack cab would be. That way, you can easily interlace the two devices, then the Stargazer could go to the left, Eventide box on the right, and that would make for a pretty ergonomically-friendly rig. One other concern, though...there's not really any sort of interfacing that can go from synth to line-levels, so whatever you're sending to the Space would be pretty hot for its front end. Alternately, you could add (somehow) a small stereo send/return module such as Ladik's A-525 to step down and up, and then deploy the Space box in more of an inline configuration within the Eurorack patch, instead of as a post-Eurorack device. Just an idea...

Hmm ya your idea for a layout could be nicer than what I had planned.. Instead of describing here's a photo of how things are currently (
With the Lyra being in the spot the Pulsar was planned to take.

I have found for stands these ikea one's ( are actually pretty decent, I have one holding up the Lyra in the above photo which is pretty impressive considering the Lyra weighs about as much as a rock of the same size.

I should have mentioned before, the Eventide is hooked up to my mixers Aux/Send which has been working well, I just wish I had a mixer with 2 sends so I could bring in another pedal eventually..

Things are a bit squished on the right side as you can see. I'll have to expirement with your idea, that would free up the Eventide and mixer for easier wiggling!

(Edit: also have been expirementing with the idea of replacing the sq-1 with a Landscape StereoField for some bonkers sound processing and voltages.. Desk might not have enough space for that though)

another option:

ModularGrid Rack

This looks a bit more rounded to me since I don't get too complex with the Morphagene and 20hp is a lot of space.. Really curious about the Mangrove but have only seen it used in softer settings, I wonder if it can get growly if poked (I assume so?).. The 3 sisters would be a nice counter-balance to the Polivoks's ear bleeding, while the Pluck could (almost) replace my beloved Inharmonic String mode of the Plaits.

Thoughts on this one Luigia?

I know it's highly subjecive, but I'd love to get your take on which setup looks nicer to you, or any tweaks you might have to suggest.

Thank you

Yeah...actually, this seems a lot more capable than the prior iteration. There's some really apparent-on-examination things in there, plus lots of latitude for exploration/abuse potential. And yeah, you can make the Mangrove sound gnarly...all depends on what sort of modulation you send it, and to where. And like you note, you'd have two divergent 'voices' in there: a more background-y sort with the 3 Sisters' output, and a more in-your-face lead coupling the Piston Honda and Polivoks. Not too shabby!

That's very nice to hear, I've gotten a bit OCD about trying to create the 'perfect' 168hp rack over the past few months. The amount of iterations I've squeezed into that time is stupid, I was starting to doubt if I'd ever be happy with it.. But yes, this looks nice.. Maybe it's the one. Happy now I didn't sell the 3 sisters and W/.

Thank you for all the input Luigia,

God's work your doing