What would you add to this to make it complete? Anything goes!!

Linear VCAs, perhaps as a VCA mixer. A couple more VCOs. More modulation sources. One or two more complex VCFs. An output module. I'd remove the Eloquencer, since you don't exactly need eight channels of CV/gate in this simple a system. Add a mult or two. Some clock modulation to mess with the various clocks. Maybe a multichannel switch to 'chain' Eloquencer channels into longer sequences.

But ultimately, I'd scrap it altogether and start over in a larger case, given what the intent of the build seems to be. The core modules here really need more ancillary devices to make them really 'jump', and right now, you've not got the space to really add to this to the extent that those core modules need. I'd suggest stepping up to 3 x 104 hp, or even something like Erica's triple 126 hp powered skiff rig as long as you're mindful of the module depths. It's far better to start with a larger form factor and then pare that back if you find it to be too big than it is to start too small and then try and stay in that size and shoehorn the crap out of the build.

Is it really that bad?! I get loads of fun from this setup already!
I'm very new to this (as you can tell) and I hunger for knowledge from all sources.
Why scrap it and start over?
On some forums small is the way to go, on others it's get everything you can (or can't) afford!
The intent is to have fun and learn something new every day along the way!
I know it will grow eventually (if my wife lets me), thats why I bought the core modules first so I can build around it.
(Maybe that was silly?!?)
(Maybe the GAS got to me early?!?)
(Fool and his money???)
Anyway, I've started now...

I'll definitely get a mixer, a couple of filters and VCA's and another modulation source. Any in particular would you recommend?
Oh, the Eloquencer stays because I love it!