Hi, I'm entering the modular world, and as my english is not very good i would like to know if there is anyone here who speaks Portuguese

I don't, but there should be. It's also worth noting that there's several manufacturers located in either Portugal or Brazil, so some discussion with them might prove fruitful. Check ADDAC System and Club of the Knobs (MU format), both in Portugal along with others, and Vinicius Elektrik/VBrazil and (if they're still in business) EMW in Brazil.

Responding to Lugia, I spoke with Vinicius Brazil today, and he certainly does speak Portuguese. :) They have rebranded their site to: https://viniciuselectrik.com/ but the old VBrazil Systems page still seems to be active (and contains his e-mail)

Oi Rurt. Sim, eu falo português. Qualquer ajuda que precises, avisa