After putting this off for many years, I am finally dipping my toe into Eurorack!! I am looking for a system that will allow me to run a short sequence from Logic into it (16 measures) and have it create very musical, atmospheric, ambient, evolving 'noises' from it. I want to record the results back into Logic so the results need to be syncronised and balanced not random noises.

I do realise I haven't put a USB/MIDI/CV interface in my rack as I have no idea what the best thing is to get.

I have no external synths. Everything else I have is ITB. I have a Focusrite Forte audio interface which should be fine to get audio from the modular back into my Mac.

The V1.0 system I have put together will hopefully get me started but i'm am sure there are many things I have done wrong and things that people can suggest I look at. I am not looking to buy the system in one hit. This will take a good 12 months to develop as I want to enjoy the process and get to know each module I purchase before getting another. My plan is also to do a few DIY modules as well.

I plan to buy a 104hp case (something like the Moog one so I can stack up extra units as and when required). The power supply I have chosen seems to be a popular choice but again I am open to other suggestions.

So, have I picked a solid starting point or am I way off? All help and suggestions very gratefully received.

The interface you need, hands down, is an Expert Sleepers ES-8. Eight DC-coupled outputs and four inputs with a USB or Lightpipe interface to the computer. And with this, not only can audio go in and out, but by using ES's Silent Way software (or, on a Mac, also MOTU's Volta) you can also send and receive CV/gate/trigger signals via the same interface to control the modular or, via the inputs, have the computer 'track' the modular's behavior.

As for the Moog 104hp skiff, you'll have to be very careful with your depths. A better well as a potential source for a bigger cab...might be one of Erica's powered ones. Module depths make more sense, plus you have ample power via their OEM supply, which frees up space on the patch panel, and they're rather cost-effective. Stackable, too, via interchangeable end-panels.

Module-wise, this isn't a bad start, but consider something which can mangle incoming audio under CV control. Have a look at MakeNoise's Morphagene and/or Phonogene...great choices for external processing.

Thanks Lugia. Exactly the sort of help I need. I'll take a look at the modules you suggest.

If, like me, the build is going to be a slow one. What order would you recommend getting the individual modules in? I would guess the VCO and Filter would be the first 2 bits to get (after the case and power supply of course!!).

The ES-8 needs to come in early on, too...not only so you can start exploring how to integrate Silent Way or Volta into the DAW, but so you can also determine if you want to add an output expander for more CV/gate/trig control as well. So, that and everything left of the RCD. As for an audio interface, since the ES-8 can feed audio at modular levels, you can go with something simpler; my suggestion would be a Happy Nerding Isolator, because with all of this odd interconnection, having transformer isolation on the analog audio outs might be advantageous to help avoid ground loop issues.