ModularGrid Rack I just bought this system as my first entry into modular and cannot figure out how I should patch the sequencer into a voice. I realize this is probably very basic, but I have never used this type gear and could use some input if possible. I have been able to use most of the other modules in a rudimentary fashion, and I have watched the Prizma vids and read the manual, but there is no mention of the basic cabling for the patch. Thanks!

The CV out from Prizma goes into the V/OCT input of the oscillator (be it Braids or Tides). The TR out from Prizma will then go to your TRIG input of Braids, or an envelope on Peaks, or a VCA, or whatnot, depending on how things are configured and how the rest of your patch out of the oscillator travels.

Let me know if you have more questions. These first steps can be confusing, but once you get a couple of patch flows down, it's a piece of cake.

Thank you, I will give that a try.

The Prizma also appears to need a clock to step it. Try this instead:

Tides: Set up an LFO frequency waveform with a hard leading edge ('slope' to full-left). Patch UNI to CLK on the Prizma. Your clock speed is now controlled via the FREQUENCY on the Tides.

Prizma: Patch CV to V/OCT on Braids. Patch your TR outs to TRIG1 on Peaks and GATE on the ADSR.

Braids: Patch OUT to IN on Ripples.

Peaks: Patch OUT1 to ADSR on the Erica VCA. The Peaks' envelope settings now control the overall amplitude contour of the patch.

ADSR: Patch OUT to FREQ on Ripples. The ADSR now controls the timbral contour. Since this and the Synthrotek ADSR are being triggered synchronously, it's now possible to have different amplitude and timbral changes as part of the single event being triggered, like one has on a Minimoog, etc.

Ripples: Patch whichever output you like to the INPUT on the VCA. The VCA's OUTs are now sending your patch's audio at synth level, and this can either go out of the synth (after stepping it down somehow to line level) or on to the Clouds and/or PRE/KM for further processing. least, that's where the wires all should go. Once that's established, though, some judicious exploration of the various control settings will yield a massive amount of timbral, temporal, and amplitude variation just from this simple sequencer patch. Good luck!

Ok, no joy on the first try,I will give the second a try. I'm starting to wonder if I have something wrong in the Prizma settings. The manual I found is for Prizma+ and this is the older version so some of the menu items are missing. Thanks for the help, this is quite different from my Kurzweils.

Lugia, worked great Thank you. Also, there was a difference in the manual I had found for Prizma+. The older version is in an archive at if anyone else needs it. Should be much easier now :)